X-188 - Mobile straightening System

Blackhawk X188

Blackhawk Universelles Richtsystem X188
PB31 Blackhawk Blackhawk
Blackhawk Blackhawk
Universal straightening frame on wheels with 4 vehicle anchoring supports
Product description:   Technical specifications:
  • Vehicle set-up with the help of a lift 
  • Power-Pro mobile pulling system (on wheels)
  • Robust and manoeuvrable pulling system
  • Simultaneous pushing and pulling operations
  • Compatible with electronic and mechanical measuring systems
  • Space requirements 4 m x 6 m
  • Pulling force 10 t
Width 960 mm
Length 4100 mm
Height 500 mm
Weight 740 kg
Pulling force 10 t
Blackhawk SHF1        
Universal brackets
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